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One of our main pillars as a company is to commit to bringing vegan alternatives to the market that protect animal life to the best of our ability.

To achieve this goal, it's important to continuously discover new vegan materials to create quality, beautiful, and stylish footwear that inspires shoe lovers, demonstrating that impeccable looks can be achieved without resorting to leather.


VEGANSHOES Vegan Materials - Pinatex


Pinatex is an innovative and sustainable vegan material made from pineapple leaves, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather. It's produced using pineapple leaves, a byproduct of the food industry that is normally discarded and would otherwise become waste. It has a similar appearance to traditional leather and offers an interesting texture that can vary from smooth to slightly rough, reminiscent of suede..

VEGANSHOES Vegan Materials - Appleskin


Appleskin, also known as Apple Leather or Appleskin, is an innovative vegan material gaining popularity for its sustainable origin and unique characteristics. It can be obtained from the processing of apple peels, a byproduct of the food industry, offering an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather. It comes in various finishes, smooth or with a suede-like texture, allowing for different styles and designs..

VEGANSHOES Vegan Materials - Bio-Polyols (Corn Leather)


Bio-polyols are a group of innovative vegan materials emerging as sustainable alternatives in vegan leather production. This type of vegan leather is produced from corn grown for non-food purposes, which is processed grain by grain to extract essential plant-based activators for bio-polyurethane production. This results in a highly performant and durable biomaterial, perfect for various applications..


VEGANSHOES Vegan Shoes in Rubber


Rubber is a natural gum extracted from the latex of specific rubber trees, commonly known as Rubber Trees. This material is more expensive than its synthetic derivatives and is therefore less used in traditional industries. However, it's extremely sustainable and durable over time, making it a favored choice for vegan and sustainable options.

VEGANSHOES Vegan Shoes in Cork


Cork is a completely natural material derived from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, widely found in Spain and Portugal. It's entirely recyclable, lightweight, and its extraction doesn't require tree felling. The bark naturally regrows in 8-10 years. Thanks to its elasticity, scratch resistance, and allergenic properties, it's an excellent choice for sustainable and comfortable footwear...

VEGANSHOES Vegan Shoes in Hemp


Hemp is an ecological and versatile plant that can be cultivated using low-impact techniques. It offers high-quality fiber for fabric production, making it perfect for clothing and footwear suitable for various seasons and needs. Its thermal properties, durability, and hypoallergenic nature make it an exceptional option for sustainable and comfortable footwear year-round...

VEGANSHOES Vegan Shoes in Recycled Polyester


Recycled polyester used in the footwear we produce or select for our multi-brand collection comes from marine and natural area protection and cleaning practices. By collecting fishing nets, plastics, and bottles from the sea and transforming them into high-quality fabrics, suitable for technical footwear as well, a virtuous circular economy is promoted, preventing waste from polluting the planet...



"STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®" is an independent control and certification system for textiles worldwide. It certifies that our fabrics and footwear are free from animal derivatives and harmful substances to the environment. With decades of experience, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® helps ensure high and effective product safety...


Animal Free Fashion is an exclusive textile sector certification developed by the League for the Abolition of Animal Vivisection (LAV). Our fabrics have achieved the highest rating (VVV+), categorizing them as yarns without traces of animal leather or derivatives. All our shoes are created with alternative materials only and use water-based adhesives.

VEGANSHOES Our Certifications - V-LABEL.EU


V-Label is the internationally recognized symbol for vegetarian and/or vegan products. Registered in over 70 countries, it provides global recognition to the symbol. To earn this certification, our fabrics underwent thorough verifications by competent authorities; the certification doesn't accept self-declarations.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an international animal rights organization. This certification guarantees that our fabrics are completely cruelty-free in all aspects, providing consumers who want to make vegan choices the reassurance of a product free from all forms of animal exploitation.


VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam
VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam

Why Vegan Shoes ?

Opposite to the traditional shoemaking process based on the exploitation of living beings, Vegan Shoes embraces ethical alternative ways of production.
The tanning industry is one of the most toxic in the world due to the chemicals used. Vegan shoes are made from raw materials that are easy to recycle, chrome-free, ecological, cruelty-free and evironmentally sustainable from the point of view of the resources used. They significantly reduce the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, pollutants, special waste and chemicals that are involved in the traditional shoe manufacturing process.
We believe in values like respect, non-violence, compassion for the people, for the animals for the environment. We are working to be the alternative toward a sustainable world.