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Vegan since 2014, graduated in Food Technologies

Always passionate about e-commerce, he oversees the website's development and product offerings.

VEGANSHOES-IT-%20Our Certificates



Vegan since 2014, graduated in Linguistic Mediation

She manages the social media, photography, production, customer service, and the physical store.



Sales Manager

Vegan since 2016, with an academic diploma in Naturopathy

She handles shipments, customer service, and oversees the retail point and warehouse management.

VEGANSHOES-IT-%20Our Certificates


Communication Manager

Vegan since 2024, with a master's degree in Psychology

She manages social media, the blog, and communication campaigns. She also handles graphics and product listings.

"We believe in the values of respect, non-violence, and compassion towards animals, people, and the environment.
With our work, we aim to be the alternative that leads to a sustainable world."


Store Hours at VeganShoesItaly Store Hours at VeganShoesItaly


VEGANSHOES-IT- le nostre iniziative sost VEGANSHOES-IT- le nostre iniziative sost VEGANSHOES-IT- le nostre iniziative sost
Giovanni's Quote

Hi! I'm Giovanni ;) If you like our website, I'm very happy because I developed it myself, putting all the effort and passion I have for the digital world. I'm very passionate about this project, which has always been a part of me and has given me the opportunity to express my love for nature and animals. For a long time now, I have reinterpreted everything I do in a vegan way, with a focus on the impact I have on the environment and the planet that hosts us. Working in the footwear industry for years, I couldn't help but make this sector vegan too! ops.. :)

Veronica's Quote

Nice to meet you, I'm Veronica! Since I became vegan, it has always been difficult to find leather-free footwear, and with Giovanni, we found a solution :) I never get bored because, in addition to social aspects and the store, I am in charge of production: yes, with our project, I have the opportunity to create the VSI models. I enjoy listening to the requests and needs of the people who follow us and turning them into cruelty-free shoes that can't be found anywhere else. I always appreciate receiving ideas and suggestions; it's a great satisfaction! If you can't find the shoe you're looking for, write to me!

Michelle's Quote

Holaa! I'm Michelle :) If you receive beautiful packages with fabulous shoes inside, well, I'm the one preparing them! I have been in customer service for many years now, so if you have already purchased from us, you have probably already met me on the phone, by email, or through WhatsApp, where I inundate you with information about your orders and where you can ask me anything. Since I was a child, I have always been connected to the natural world and animals with my 12 cats, two dogs, a turtle, and some happy hens in my countryside garden! Being part of a project that protects the lives of all living beings and the environment is a great satisfaction for me, allowing me to fully express my life philosophy. Go vegan!

Gaia at Work for VEGANSHOES-IT

Hi, I'm Gaia! After my studies, I realized that I wanted a job that would align with my values, a way to improve and grow. I have just been welcomed into the VEGANSHOES.IT team, and I am very proud to be part of a project that lives with ethics, respect for people, and love for animals. My job is to be able to convey all the values that live in this project, keeping our blog always updated, studying new ways to tell you more about us and coloring the site with new graphics.

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VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam
VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam VEGANSHOES-IT - chi siamo e cosa facciam


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Why Vegan Shoes ?

Opposite to the traditional shoemaking process based on the exploitation of living beings, Vegan Shoes embraces ethical alternative ways of production.
The tanning industry is one of the most toxic in the world due to the chemicals used. Vegan shoes are made from raw materials that are easy to recycle, chrome-free, ecological, cruelty-free and evironmentally sustainable from the point of view of the resources used. They significantly reduce the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, pollutants, special waste and chemicals that are involved in the traditional shoe manufacturing process.
We believe in values like respect, non-violence, compassion for the people, for the animals for the environment. We are working to be the alternative toward a sustainable world.