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  • Altra

    Altra Running, commonly known as Altra, is an American company engaged in the design, development of road running shoes, trail running shoes, and general footwear. Altra has been ranked in the top 10 brands in “run speciality” and number 4 for trail running. Every Altra shoe features a Footshape™ toebox that is not necessarily wide but rather shaped like a healthy foot in a sock. Additionally, all Altra shoes feature a cushioned Zero Drop™ platform that places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground and keeps the weight balance equal heel to toe to enable more natural walking and running technique.

  • Artelusa

    Artelusa produces a wide range of items from high quality Portuguese cork, a raw material, 100% natural, recyclable, biodegradable and durable. Find out what happens when the nobility of cork is combined with talented designers and artisans, have a look at the selection of PETA approved articles!

  • Birkenstock

    Las raíces históricas de la compañía datan de 1744. Hoy, famosa en todo el mundo por su comodidad y su inconfundible plantilla ergonómica, la compañía alemana es un fabricante líder de sandalias con una línea vegana certificada.

  • Cervera

    Marca brasileña que produce zapatos desde hace casi treinta años, con un estilo inconfundible que refleja la historia, la personalidad y los orígenes del país. Todos los zapatos están hechos a mano, sin el uso de pegamentos y son modelos atemporales, independientemente del concepto de moda transitoria.

  • Dr. Martens

    ¡Incluso la famosa marca Dr Martens ha creado una línea sin componentes de animales! En nuestro sitio, los modelos clásicos revisitados con materiales libres de crueldad.


    Una marca que hace que el reciclaje sea una característica distintiva: los productos de Ecolaf son doblemente hermosos y útiles porque ayudan a limpiar el mundo de residuos tales como botellas de plástico, neumáticos de automóviles, etc. que la empresa se transforma en artículos sorprendentes. Para ti, en nuestro sitio, una selección de sus productos 100% Veganos.

  • El Naturalista

    Marca muy conocida por su política favorable al medio ambiente y por el uso de materias primas naturales y la reutilización de excedentes, con la línea Vegan se compromete a respetar el planeta cada vez más y utilizar materiales reciclados y libres de crueldad.

  • Fluchos

    La tradición y el diseño se unen combinando materiales libres de crueldad con la experiencia de una marca tradicional reconocida como Fluchos. La empresa española se dedica a fabricar zapatos de hombre que ofrecen productos de calidad, basados ​​en las mejores técnicas con una visión renovada.

  • Grunland

    Grünland is an Italian footwear company born in Vicenza in 1949 that today boasts decades of experience and presents with us its first Vegan line in recycled and cruelty-free materials. A great change towards sustainability for a constant search for comfortable lines for the well-being of your feet.

  • Hey Dude

    Hey Dude was born in 2008 in Florence, Italy, with the aim of creating modern-looking but comfortable shoes like slippers. Exploded all over the world the company has introduced a Vegan and ecological line, with natural materials such as cork and organic cotton, also using recycled fabrics such as Eco-Knit, a fiber obtained by recycling plastic bottles.

  • NAE

    Esta marca, que significa: "No Animal Exploitation", realiza calzados con materiales naturales y reciclados. Su estrategia es crear productos modernos, diseñados para el uso diario. Sus artículos se fabrican exclusivamente en fábricas en Portugal, donde se respetan los empleados y se utilizan productos que no son de origen animal o que dañan el medio ambiente.

  • Natural World

    Natural World es una marca de reciente creación que nace con el objetivo de crear un zapato 100% ecológico. La esencia de Natural World es el amor por la naturaleza y la autenticidad de los productos, mezclando las tendencias con la filosofía ecológica. Vos presentamos sus colección Vegana.

  • NOAH

    Founded in 2009, NOAH offers quality elegant vegan footwear, produced by artisan companies in Italy, with ethical working conditions. It stems from the desire to create footwear with a socially and ecologically correct and sustainable footprint, respecting the environment, animals and human health with the style and quality of Italian craftsmanship.

  • Ria

    RIA Menorca has been making original avarca sandals for 70 years, using a handcrafted process with meticulous attention to detail so that you can enjoy genuine quality shoes. While determined to maintain the traditional essence of footwear from their island, they have developed a new Line of products that embrace the vegan standards. Here you can find the one you like!

  • Sativa

    Sativa company develops and promote natural hemp products. The brand produces a wide collection of bags and accessories.

  • Slowwalk

    Slowwalk te ofrece una exclusiva colección cápsula 100% free animal que utiliza material de origen vegetal de la parte no comestible del maíz. Este calzado vegano fabricado en España cuentan con el certificado de protección animal “Vegan Approved” de PETA.

  • Teva

    The unmistakable sandals with an outdoor and adventurer soul born in 1984 on the banks of the Grand Canion are tinged with green, all new straps are made with REPREVE® recycled technical fabric. Through a careful selection of materials, Teva approaches the Vegan philosophy with a collection worthy of its brand.

  • Vegan Shoes Italy

    Vegan Shoes Italy es la marca de calzado Vegan hecha a mano en Italia, certificada con el más alto nivel de calificación por la LAV. Especializada en zapatos de Mujer, la marca ofrece modelos modernos que respetan y siguen los estándares de la Filosofía Vegana.

  • VeganBio

    VeganBio es una línea de calzados veganos, de Bionatura. Son zapatos Made In Italy, producidos en microfibra saludable, cómoda y transpirable.

  • WAO

    A group of people who asked themselves a question: can we do something that is beautiful and good at the same time? The answer is the creation of an eco-sustainable and quality product, which can be a vehicle for a new environmental sensitivity towards what we consume. WAO is the first entirely ecological shoe made with natural, innovative and sustainable materials. The upper part is made of hemp, the sole is degradable in the compost.

  • Zouri

    ZOURI is an eco-vegan footwear brand that uses plastic trash collected from the Portuguese coast together with ecologic and sustainable materials like organic cotton, natural rubber and pineapple leaves fabric.

Mostrando 1 - 23 de 23 items

Why Vegan Shoes ?

Oposite to the traditional shoemaking process based on the exploitation of living beings, Vegan Shoes embraces ethical alternative ways of production based on the exploitation of our knowledge, not animals.
The tanning industry is one of the most toxic in the world due to the chemicals used. Vegan shoes are made from raw materials that are easy to recycle, chrome-free, ecological, cruelty-free and evironmentally sustainable from the point of view of the resources used. They significantly reduce the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, pollutants, special waste and chemicals that are involved in the traditional shoe manufacturing process.
We believe in values like respect, non-violence, compassion for the people, for the animals for the environment. We are working to be the alternative toward a sustainable world.