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  • Artelusa

    Artelusa produces a wide range of items from high quality Portuguese cork, a raw material, 100% natural, recyclable, biodegradable and durable. Find out what happens when the nobility of cork is combined with talented designers and artisans, have a look at the selection of PETA approved articles!

  • Birkenstock

    The Company’s roots can be traced back to 1774. Birkenstock stands for excellent comfort, high functionality and extraordinary quality. The German Brand now produces a Vegan Certified collection of sandals.

  • Cienta

    Dedicated to promoting the natural and correct development of children's feet, the entire production and design process of Cienta is centered on quality and comfort, making use of only natural materials and the most advanced technology.

  • Corkor

    Handmade in Portugal by local artisans Corkor bags and Accessories are 100% Vegan. The products are made with cork that complies with FSC‘s standards: it makes sure that local communities are respected, endangered habitats protected, plant and animal species preserved, and workers are properly paid.

  • Dr. Martens

    Even the very famous Brand Dr Martens has created a line with no animal components! On our site, the classic models revisited with cruelty-free materials.


    Ecoalf is a Brand that uses the highest quality recycled materials to create a new generation of sustainable products. Producing recycled items from plastic bottles, used tires etc.the Company gives waste a second life.

  • El Naturalista

    This Brand is very well known for its commitment to respect the environment, using high-quality raw materials. Here you can find El Naturalista full catalogue of Vegan products. 

  • Fera Libens

    This Italian Brand carries on a new concept of footwear that combines the respect for animals to design and Made in Italy. Fera Libens is Ethics - no material deriving from Animals -, Aesthetics - elegant and classic design - and Quality - production is entrusted to small Artisans, the symbol of Made in Italy-.

  • Green Banana Paper

    Banana Fiber accessories come directly from Micronesia where they are handmade from the plant waste. All the products are environmentally friendly, vegan and sustainable.

  • MYO

    MYO bags are manufactured using ecological paper and recycled materials from processing waste. Entirely made in Italy, they are practical, spacious, and available in a wide range of colors. Resistant and waterproof these bags are a valid ecological alternative for every day use. To customize and make these shopping bags unique for all occasions it’s possible to choose beautiful accessories.

  • NAE

    NAE (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand that creates modern shoes with sustainable and recycled materials. The products are designed for everyday use and are manufactured only in certified factories of Portugal, where they respect their employees and ain't using any product of animal origin or that damages the environment.

  • Natural World

    Natural World is a Young brand that was born with the aim of creating a 100% ecological shoe. The essence of the brand is the love of nature and the the authenticity of our products, blending the trends with ecological philosophy. Here you can find their Vegan Line.

  • Rapisardi

    NR Rapisardi shoes are 100% Made in Italy by expert craftsmen. The materials used guarantee the comfort of a pleasant fit and a refined and contemporary design.

  • Ria

    RIA Menorca has been making original avarca sandals for 70 years, using a handcrafted process with meticulous attention to detail so that you can enjoy genuine quality shoes. While determined to maintain the traditional essence of footwear from their island, they have developed a new Line of products that embrace the vegan standards. Here you can find the one you like!

  • Scotti

    The project's objective is to create and spread a culture of protecting the environment and living beings that inhabit it; hence the search for solutions with an environmental and social impact that is less than zero. Scotti Vegan Shoes does not use any animal derived materials and it is ranked VVV+, the highest level of ethical rating Animal Free Fashion designed by LAV. All the products are 100% Made in Italy.

  • SKA

    It’s a Spanish Brand that has introduced a Vegan Line made by certified Animal-free shoes using Hi-tech materials.

  • Vegan Shoes Italy

    Vegan Shoes Italy is a 100% certified Vegan Brand dedicated to Women's shoes. All the products are handcrafted in Italy with love, according to the latest fashion trends while highlighting the values of the Vegan Philosophy.

  • VeganBio

    VeganBio is a line of vegan footwear, By Bionatura. The products are Made In Italy using a comfortable and breathable Microfiber.

  • Will's

    Vegan Company since 2012 that offers a wide selection of Footwear and Accessories made in Italy and Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law. The entire collection is certified by PETA and the Vegan Society and it is produced according to the Carbon Neutral Protocol.

  • Womsh

    This Italian company has developed a line of ecological Vegan Sneakers that combines the quality, competence and creativity of the Made in Italy. Womsh participates in the IMPATTO ZERO® project aimed at reducing CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere throughout the product lifecycle. Discover the entire 100% Cruelty-free Sneakers Collection on our website!

Zeige 1 - 20 von 20 Artikeln

Why Vegan Shoes ?

Anders als in der traditionellen Schuhproduktion, die auf der Ausnutzung von Lebewesen basiert, bestärkt Vegan Shoes die Ausnutzung unseres Wissens, nicht der Tiere, um ethische Alternativen für die Produktion zu entwickeln.
Die Gerbungsindustrie ist durch die verwendeten Chemikalien eine der giftigen Industrien der Welt. Vegane Schuhe werden aus Rohmaterialien gefertigt, die sich leicht recyclen lassen, und chrom+frei, ökologisch, gewaltfrei und nachhaltig mit der Natur vereinbar sind. Sie reduzieren den Einfluss auf die Umwelt im Bezug auf CO2 Emissionen, Abgase, Sondermüll und Chemikalien, die in der konventionellen Schuhproduktion verwendet werden.
Wie glauben an Werte wie Respekt, Gewaltfreiheit, Mitgefühl für die Menschen, die Tiere, und die Natur. Wir sind Teil einer Alternative für eine nachhaltige Welt.