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Promo ! ARTELUSA Ceinture homme boucle en liège vegan
ARTELUSA Ceinture homme boucle en liège vegan

ARTELUSA Ceinture homme boucle en liège vegan

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Guide des tailles

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100% VEGAN

Cet accessoire ne contient aucun composant d'origine animale.

Animal gratuit

Ceinture Homme

en liège naturel

Taille S = 95 cm

Taille M = 100 cm

Taille L = 105 cm

Taille XL = 115 cm

Hauteur 35mm

Boucle argentée

Fait à la main

Fabriqué au Portugal

Fiche technique

Matériel Liège
Couleur Marron
Saison Automne Hiver
Marques Artelusa


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Why Vegan Shoes ?

Opposite to the traditional shoemaking process based on the exploitation of living beings, Vegan Shoes embraces ethical alternative ways of production.
The tanning industry is one of the most toxic in the world due to the chemicals used. Vegan shoes are made from raw materials that are easy to recycle, chrome-free, ecological, cruelty-free and evironmentally sustainable from the point of view of the resources used. They significantly reduce the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, pollutants, special waste and chemicals that are involved in the traditional shoe manufacturing process.
We believe in values like respect, non-violence, compassion for the people, for the animals for the environment. We are working to be the alternative toward a sustainable world.